Stock Market Forecast Service

Throughout the month, our famous Stock Market Forecast (SMF) Service helps
you to stay ahead in the financial markets sphere. SMF covers the Stock indices,
bonds, gold, silver, and more. Market psychology and sentiment analysis are all
covered by EKGC Stock Market Forecast Services. It is our most popular advisory service.

Your Stock Market Forecast Service Team Provides You the Most Relevant Info You Need to Stay Ahead of the Market's Trends and Turns

Our Stock Market Forecast Service guides – is compiled and supervised by one of the best-known Technical Analyst & Investment Manager in Pakistan:

Ehtesham Khan, CMT, CFTe, Certified Financial Advisor

Why Stock Market Financial Advisory Service?

Most of the time, investors and traders change their original entry-exit plans. The longer-term outlook, Stop Losses and Entry-Exit Criteria often differs with time due to various emotions and biases that we carry out in our trading and investing journey. In order to stay focused on our long-term investment objective, we need to
keep track of the overall market performance in relation to our portfolio. An unbiased quantitative recommendation can keep you on track to achieve your long-term goals. Our timely updates will guide you to rightly navigate your position in different market volatilities. Different investors and traders take their entry-exit according to their investment horizon. For example, in a secular bullish market a long term investor can be a BUYER of particular stock during its decline, while a short term trader will be SELLER availing short term down-trend. Both of the approaches are right, but they are different.

We understand your need and provide you with solutions that matter the most.

Here’s What You Get with the Stock Market Forecast Service

Every Month

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a monthly outlook and forward-looking guidance. Our expected move in markets and trends.

Every Week

As market close every Friday, You’ll get the Short Term Update over the weekend, alerting you to what’s significantly changed over the week and what’s probable moves in upcoming week.

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