ISLAMIC INVESTMENT What is Islamic investment portfolio?

Islamic investment portfolio is all about investing in stocks according to Islamic principles and sharia compliant. Although managing assists according to Islamic law is not very easy yet the demand of Islamic investment is increasing and it is expected to grow in coming years. However people are keen for for Islamic investments in USA or Islamic investments in UK as there is always an aspect of investing in halal stocks as trend settlers ROBOCAP gives you the Islamic investment opportunity

  • Islamic investment stocks fall into the category where profit and loss is according to the of Islamic principles and interest is not being taken.
  • Or the companies are not abide by the business that are prohibited in Islam.
  • Sharia law refuses to invest in certain industries and companies that fall outside the ethical domain and principals of Islam.


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EK GLOBAL gives you chance for Islamic investment in Pakistan

We always provide you with sharia compliant platform and Islamic investment opportunities.

  • Ek Global considers the Islamic shares investment with algorithms and experts experiences.
  • Our experts look after the rebalancing of portfolio so that your portfolio is intact with sharia compliant companies and equities according to your goals.
  • Our approach is to generate income and capital appreciation by investing in equities, equity related securities and income in sharia compliant companies. 

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