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Our investment recommendations philosophy is the foundation of all investment strategies that we advise to achieve your investment goals.

We believe these principles are paramount which every investor should follow,

Our automated platform “RoboCap Terminal”-  follows evidence based systematically proven strategies to generate better returns and alpha consistently on a risk-adjusted basis.  

A well developed, time tested robust quanta-mental research approach is the basis of every strategy. A combination of value and momentum investing is the spirit of our investment philosophy.

Most importantly, the basic tenants of EK Global Capital’s  philosophy are set of principles, which helps us to make most of the invested money.

Customized Investing Plan

We believe every individual is different, and their portfolio should also be different as per there customized needs, goals, objectives.

Discipline Investing

Whatever strategy we develop, we should follow them like ROBOT  (hence Robo+Cap) during volatile market situations, and if strategy is not good, we can update with the passage of time. We believe personal biasness, emotions, greed and fear should not be part during investing process, and we shouldn’t let our ego to control our decisions.


We believe with the help of diversification, we can mitigate a certain amount of risk and avoid situations like all-or-nothing, which can cause you huge losses.

Financial Services

Our financial experts help you analyze financial data, to create a rock steady financial foundation.

Risk Management

Over the two decades of experience in Pakistan’s Capital markets and managing institutional portfolio, our analysis leads to conclusion that, no matter how smart you’re in trading and investing, your attitude towards investing, discipline and risk management is very important to achieve long term consistent performance.

Investing is not a skill, its a constant practice. At EK Global Capital,

Our investment philosophy and set of principles are the basis of the successful investing journey, you can advance your investing tactic by closely following our philosophy and guidelines.

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