During the last session of the week, Pakistan bourse witnessed a positive development as the index observed a positive bull rally of 487.85pts(1.1%). The index commenced on a positive note, however the investor sentiment soon dampened as the index fell to 44,197.14pts. Through, towards the second half of today’s session the index formed a sharp recovery closing at 44,821.53pts, after reaching a high of 44,834.83. Although global markets seem to be concerned over the rising electricity prices, the domestic market seems to build optimizing on the back of positive developments in IMF program and political noise subsiding. The all share index stood at 334mln, where during the end of the session we saw investors taking new exposure. During today’s session most active stock were SERF(34mln), UNITY(26mln), WTL(25mln), TREET(20mln) and BYCO(16mln).