During today’s session the Pakistan stock market remained under pressure as the index lost 293.34pts(-0.66%). The market commenced on a negative note, where it lost 4.53pts (0.01%) pts. During the day the investor sentiment remained bearish as the market continued to loss points. The benchmark index made an intraday high of 44,795 pts and a low of 44,284.55. The all share volumes remained lackluster standing at 253mln, we anticipate the volume to remain same as investors are cautious towards taking new exposure. The volume leaders for today were UNITY (26mln), TELE (20mln), WTL (17mln), TREET (16mln) and BYCO(10mln). On the economic front coal along with other petroleum products continue to make new highs. Meanwhile Pakistan Central Government Debt increased by 11.5% YOY. The negative economic effects are perhaps being portrayed by the overall bearish trajectory of the index.