The Pakistan Equities continue to remain under pressure, as the index sank below 45,000pts during the day. Pakistan equity continued its bearish trend before the IMF meeting. The intraday trading saw a high of 45,073 and a low of 44,861, towards the end of the day, as index finally recovered and closed at 45,073.52. The all share volumes remained lackluster standing at 369 mln, depicting investors caution towards trading. The uncertainty regarding the global and domestic markets have dampened the investor sentiment. On the global front, European energy crises and Evergrande bankruptcy seems to hamper the global markets. On the other hand, a Spike in the key rates and the reemergence of current account deficit, mainly due to vigorous domestic demand, depreciating currency against the greenback and the swelled commodity market. The investor showed interest towards trading third tier stocks which included WTL(40mln), UNITY(36mln), BYCO(30mln), HUMNL(19mln) and KEL(15mln).