Today, the KSE 100 index started on an upbeat amassing 178.06, as the index closed on a positive sentiment. Despite surging inflationary pressure, eroding currency, and decreasing remittances on yearly basis, Pakistan equity managed to remain positive during today’s session. The intraday volumes saw a high of 47,627.59pts and a low of 47,135pts, as the index closed at 47,377pts. The All share volumes stood at 382mln(4%/DOD), depicting investors caution towards taking exposure towards newer trades. We anticipate the volumes to remain lackluster before any dominant trend emerges. The investor were mainly interested towards trading third tier stock which included GGL(28mln), WTL( 27mln), EPCL(26mln), BYCO( 20mln) and TELE(20mln)