Share purchase is buying portion of company’s equity via secondary market, with the common expectations that the future price of share will increase and investor will get benefit on his investments, is the basic premise of investments in stock market. One can get exposure in stock market in the form of buying individual stocks, mutual fund’s units, index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As technology is evolving day by day and new financial technology has been created to fill the gap, investments in stock market has become easier than before.

ROBOCAP- (Link), an automated stock trading platform, with the help of professionals, technologies and algorithms, making stock investing easy for everyone. Now, hiring expert financial advisor is much more affordable and easier than before.


  1. Are you a beginner?
  2. Or an occasional investor?

ROBOCAP Is Always On The Beam!!

RoboCap aims to achieve your long haul goals. With our Portfolio Investment Mix and Composition as per your customized features, we aim to achieve your long term objective consistently over the years.

How ROBOCAP can help you?

1: No More Hassle to Manage Your Investments

Managing your stock investment portfolio is a full time job, you can’t put your hard earned savings/investments on market’s mercy and wait things to happen. It’s a time taking process which requires in depth analysis, knowledge and market information, infact, its a 24×7 job to stay abreast with all market developments and happenings. With RoboCap you can outsource, your hassle to your designated expert and renowned investment consultant, who will manage your portfolio on day to day basis as per your long term objectives.

With RoboCap, You just need to know basic information about yourself, such as your return expectations, your risk tolerance , target retirement date, objective of investments etc. From there onward, you just have to connect a checking account and ROBOCAP will take care of the rest.

2. All-Time Lows costs

With the growing Competition and technology developments in the markets and affordable fee charged. ROBCAP provides you with best results.

3. Portfolio Rebalancing

Why would you sell off your best performers to buy more of your worst? But if you do like the idea of rebalancing, ROBOCAP advisors make it much easier than it was in the past with time tested academically proven strategies, we’ll rebalance your portfolio with dynamic market situations.

In the past portfolio rebalancing was not an automated process. Unnecessary hefty commissions had to be paid to both sell and buy to bring your portfolio back into target alignment. With ROBOCAP you can easily achieve your target while keeping the management fee minimum and your portfolio will be managed automated and transactions will only be conducted when it’ll be required with the evolving market conditions.

4. Easy Access to quality Investing

 Low costs, low minimum balances, automatic investments, and investment management mean that more people than ever before can jump on the investment trend and grow their assets for a better future.

Author: Ehtesham Khan
By Investing your asset into different sectors and scrips, you can minimize your risk and with the help of proper diversification, you can meet your goals and objectives.

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