You should Invest for Regular Stream of Cash Flows and Creating Wealth

Stock investing is a very lucrative tool to generate a regular stream of income which we normally call as Kitchen Income and building some real wealth.

There is no point of discussing overbought or oversold concept here, I mean Twitter , Youtube , Facebook, and all social media platform is full of these terms.

Where I’m interested to inform you is to know, whether the market is neutral or it is not neutral. or you may see wheter the trend is about the build the energy or trend has exhausted and lacks energy, that is where the real money lies.

Stock investing for regular cash flows, or you can say for kitchen income is one of the possible options, provided you should the game plan about when and where to take position.

Entering into the market with a clear vision and pre-defined stop-loss mechanism is the only tool that can save you from big loss and drawdowns on your capital investments.

At RoboCap Our system is trained for this trade setup, where we take short losses and hold on the positions in gains for bigger gains. Most importantly designing a Portfolio as per your own customized need is the priority for us.

Find out some of the right approaches of investing, in order to keep you in check of achieving your very own objectives.

  • Right Position Size:

          It is very important to have the right position size before the trades, It is mostly noticed that investors tend to increase their positions right at the top of market and keeps a very low position during the bottoms.

  • Mean Reversion Trading (MRT)
  • It is one of the successful models of trading unless there is squeeze-i.e. trading in a very thin range where you may get a lot more false signals which may increase your trading cost.  
  • Bollinger bands:
    It creates an envelope with the help of standard deviations with above and below the moving averages and provides you a trading range for the instrument. 
  • Monetary Stops:
    Work out with the dynamic range and the monetary stops keep you within your desired loss taking capabilities when most traders are concerned about the big losses due to the absence of trading ra
Author: Ehtesham Khan
By Investing your asset into different sectors and scrips, you can minimize your risk and with the help of proper diversification, you can meet your goals and objectives.

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