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1. Get Your Free Portfolio Recommendations and help To Open Your Brokerage Account. 

2. We'll advise to Invest Based On Your Risk Profile. 

3. Track Your Investments Performance and View Your Holdings.   

4. Talk to Your designated Investment Consultant Just for a Single Touch of Buttons.

5. Get adequate material facts, risk disclosures & performance track records.

Things Are Bound To Change. We Embrace the Fact!

Welcome to smart & simple way of  investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange, where EK Global Capital with the help of technologies, algorithms and expert human professionals help you to build, manage and automate your portfolio.

Stocks with a high rate of return can help you build a better portfolio!


“KSE100 INDEX SHOW” is an exclusive show by EK GLOBAL CAPITAL, in which, our CEO Mr. Ehtesham Khan, CMT, CFTe discusses Stock Market Strategies and help you learn about market future directions and factors currently effecting market trends on weekly basis.



We aim to provide you best advise to safe & secure your investment by instantly putting it on work, earning you more

We are Regulated and Licensed by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan


We make you feel safe and protected by helping you to earn more.


We can help you to achieve your goals, whatever you want to invest for.

Want to buy shares in Pakistan Stock Market?

Let EK Global Work For You!

EK Global aims to provide you hassle free stock investing experience . Our time tested academically proven strategies  automatically advise about buying/selling stocks while keeping best investing practices in check and help you to grow your long term investments. We aim to take all of your hassle of managing your investments in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). 

Turn Life Goals Into Action

Everyone’s life goals are different and whatever your dreams are, you can save and invest to make them a reality. We at EK Global can help you to set up a portfolio of stocks, bonds or cash. We start by understanding your qualitative and quantitative  goals and get to know things like how much you want to save and by when, and we advise you to set up a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or cash. Play around with our recommendations to see how changes affect your goals.

Investing Advise

  • EK Global keeps your investment goals on top priority and recommends a portfolio based on your customized goals.
  • Live support with professionals.
  • Get started with as little as PKR 10,000.

Rebalancing / Monitoring

We monitor your investment goals and suggest rebalancing your investments to keep you diversified and on track.

Financial Planning in Your Pocket

With the use of technology, our free planning service helps you identify your best possible investment mix and provides you guidance to meet your goals.  No phone calls required.

How We Work?

When you become EK Global's client, we ask  few questions , so that we understand your financial goals and investment purpose and your unique need, if any.

Once you define your goals, we automate the process and get details for every step of the way from advising how to invest your funds into the stock market alongwith sectoral exposures  to keeping some portion in cash.

Your Trusted Securities Advisor In Pakistan We are Licensed by Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


Worried about how to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange?
We can help you to achieve your goals, whatever you want to invest for.

Why Invest?

Major Purchase

“I’m investing for something like a wedding for my daughter or for making a house. “


“I’m investing for life after my retirement. “

General Investing

“I just want to build my asset and net worth over time. “

Personalized Financial Targets

“I’ve my own financial targets & unique preference that I want you to achieve them over the years.”


“I’m investing for my child’s higher education”.

Safety Net / Kitchen Income

I’m investing to build an income stream for the daily expense.”

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A Diversified Portfolio

EK Global uses technology to offer you with the best results possible based on your investing strategy. With our time-tested proven techniques, our system continually looks for opportunities in the market and provides you with information and suggestions to help you accomplish your goals within the diverse investment class.

Stock 55%
Bonds 25%
T-bILLS 15%
Cash 5%
Total Portfolio 100%


Fill questionnaire form and Get Your Free Portfolio recommendations instantly and open up your account with RoboCap within 5 minutes

We advise to invest your money in appropriate scrip which suits your personalized investment goals. With the dynamic nature of the market, We continuously monitor your portfolio with the help of our in-house built platform (RoboCap ) and advise you to rebalance your portfolio as and when needed.

We are committed to giving you the best possible advice about reaching your goal. You can talk on the phone to the team of Certified Professionals if you want in-depth analysis of the market. Moreover, our customer support team is also available five days in a week to answer questions about your account

We’re focused to give you a great financial experience and ensure everything else to make it right for you.

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